CGCN-RCCV partners with Plocher-Vines LLC

Posted Aug 26th, 2020 in News Articles

CGCN-RCCV partners with Plocher-Vines LLC As of August 24th, 2020 CGCN-RCCV has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Plocher-Vines LLC.

Under this agreement, CGCN-RCCV will maintain virus-tested cultivars from Plocher-Vines LLC in its G1 repository.  There is already one Plocher-Vines cultivar, Petite Pearl, in the G1 repository and others may be added in the future, as demand dictates.

The material is available to any Canadian nursery that is part of the CGCN-RCCV long-term certification program and has a propagation/royalty license with Plocher-Vines LLC.  The following two Canadian nurseries meet these two requirements and more may be added over time:
  1. Viticulture A&M
  2. Northshore Grapevine Nursery
This agreement is part of CGCN-RCCV’s successful efforts to provide Canadian grape growers with virus-tested grapevines.  Inquiries from other grapevine breeders who wish to partner with CGCN-RCCV should be directed to Project Manager, Darien Temprile at the following email address:

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